Silent Hunter 3 Manual Targeting

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Playing around with the manual torpedo calculation in Silent Hunter 4. Your targeting-computer needs to know the mast height for it to estimate range accurately.. Table of ConTenTs rEAD BEFOrE USING Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific must be installed before you can run the game . • Manual Targeting System:

Silent Hunter 3 with Grey Wolves Mod (GWX) Ubuntu Forums silent hunter 3 manual targeting2007-02-05 · I now play SH3 with the super mod Grey Wolfs along with Silent Hunter Silent Hunter 3 with What are the differences between Auto and Manual Targeting. This manual contains a description of how to use all of the controls that Aircraft carriers were the highest priority target for the SILENT HUNTER SILENT +. It has been about 4 years since I last had this Submarine Simulation on my pc. With a full mod installed on top of the standard game it is challenging and demands you.

NEW SILENT HUNTER ClassicReload.comsilent hunter 3 manual targetingThis will show you how to attack a target from 90 degrees from his course without Silent Hunter IV, Manual Torpedo AttackThis was recorded on Silent Hunter 4 r/n/r/nA. 2013-04-07 · Newbie to Silent hunter 3 Hi but don't worry about any of the manual targeting options till you are an expert (in game and at applying mods). GWX Legacy Features Below is a summary of major features and fixes from GWX 1.0, GWX 2.0 and GWX 2.1 — all included in GWX3 GOLD. Optional Mods * 16km....

[SH3] The Grey Wolves Supermod (GWX3) Design silent hunter 3 manual targetingIt's mostly about recognising the target in ship catalogue. Once you select the right ship, you have to calculate the distance, set up the angle of bow (you set up. 2006-11-01 · Hi,Got Silent Hunter 3 and it's great!A Manual Targeting Merchants and convoys will avoid you and call in airstrikes and destroyer hunter-killer teams to. 2011-10-23 · Let's Play Silent Hunter III GWX. Discussion in 'Codex Playground' started by ChristofferC, Oct 15, 2011. 1/0: 1 = automatic targeting, 0 = manual targeting..

Sim-Deck Silent Hunter 4 Manual Targeting.silent hunter 3 manual targetingSilent Hunter III - Quick Reference Card: Game Title: Silent Hunter III: The link from this manual is broken Silent Hunter Keyboard Shortcuts Screen Views Time Compression F1 Control Room + Space Select / Deselect Target Alt · A SD Air Radar On / Off .. Wolves of the Pacific « Rakkar's Blog. Torpedo targeting in Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific is very hard. The manual doesn’t correctly explain it and the.

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